My Country Pakistan Urdu Essay Watan Se Mohabbat Hub e Watan Hubul Watni Mera Mulk Hamara Speech

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Mera Watan Se Mohabbat Urdu Essay My Country Pakistan English Essay: Valleys of Pakistan are extremely charming and sprawling green fields are more precious than gold.We have full freedom to live in our country. August 14 was the blessed day when Pakistan was made due to the unity, dedication, devotion and sincerity of Muslims and Quaid e Azam. There are many gifts of elegant sights in Pakistan. My country has abundance of streams, gorgeous Seasons and wonderful rivers. Here, wheat, cotton and rice are harvested in abundance. Urban and rural people of  Pakistan want to see this county in world's developed countries.
Chitta Khata Lake Azad Kashmir
After 1947, many corrupt politicians did much damage to this country for this reason this country could not develop. Despite this our land is full of natural treasures which includes Reko Diq gold mine worth 270 billion dollars. Iron, Copper and Gold deposits are more than Rico Diq which have been discovered in Chiniot city in 2015. Coal reserves in Thar city, Saudi Arabia has the world's largest oil reserves and Pakistan's coal price is 2 times more than Saudi Arabia oil. In addition, we have Saindak gold & copper mine in Balochistan, high quality Ruby Stone in Neelum valley mountains worth 1 billion dollars and moreover there are many small and large mines of Sapphire, Topaz, Agate which is also know as Aqeeq and Emerald Stones are also present in Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan and also in Balochistan Province. We also have deposits of gypsum, Zircon and cement making Stones. The time will come when we will be self-sufficient in oil industry. Moreover we have numerous natural resources in our furry homeland.

Yet our politicians are saying this is a poor country, i would say this country is not poor, the thinking of politicians is poor for this reason the large amount of inhabitants of the land are poor. We cannot remove poverty with money we can eradicate poverty with education by giving our children the gift of education. Therefore, every person of this country will have to wear the jewelry of education and this can help substantially reduced poverty from Pakistan, which is why we can still be in great countries for this we have to think beyond ourselves and we need honest politician and the fear of Allah.
Gwadar Sea
Chitral Valley Picture
Pakistan has an important role in international affairs and wants friendship with all the countries specially with neighboring countries including India. Pakistan is increasing trade and cultural relations with other countries. Allah protect this country and give us strength for true love with our country.

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