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Marjan Stone Benefits In English Marjan Stone Name and Structure: Coral is very famous gem, it is tasteless, its effect is hard and dry, it is found in the base of ocean, its outer layer is very hard and due to water its effect is also hard, it is the combination of iron and calcium carbonate. Coral has different names in different languages which are very famous in some Asian countries like India, Iran.

  1. Parwal: in Sanskrit, it is called parwal. 
  2. Coral: its English name is coral. 
  3. Moonga: its Urdu name is moonga and marjan pathar. You can read marjan stone in urdu which is given below also.
  4. Coream, sadhoupi: they are its names in Hindi, it’s also called doram. 
  5. Basad: it’s also called basad in Persian. 
  6. Ocean gem: in Arabic, it’s called ocean gem.
Chemical ingredients of Coral Stone:
Following chemical ingredients are found in coral: Calcium, magnesium, silica, pirate, iron, crom and iron oxide, calcium and iron are in excess amount in marjan.
Birth place of Coral Stone:
Some gem or jewels are born in stones but coral is found in water. It’s like the nest of honey which sticks with the stone in the base of ocean and grows, its branches have leave or flower but have a root. The high quality of coral is found in the seasides of Italy. 
The identification of coral: Coral Ki Pehchan Marjan Stone: 
This is the only stone which can’t be make real or fake. If this stone is burned in the fire of with muck then it becomes ashes and this ash is used as powder.

Religious status:
Coral has very value in Hinduism, they considers this gem very pious. The Hindu women use it very much from the religious point of view.
Lucky stone:
From the astrology point of view the coral is considered as a lucky stone for the Leo, Aries and scorpion persons.
Historical importance according to Quran: Coral Stone In Islam:
Muslims give respect to this stone because Allah in Quran in Surah Rehman tells about His blessings, He also named coral that it is also a blessing by Him to us. Its color, benefits and effects are very good.
Culture related to coral:
In the stories of alif laila, Ali Baba and forty thieves and Hatim Tai, there is also mentioned about the coral.
Positive effects and benefits of Coral Stone: 
  1. This stone saves from the effects of black magic or magic. 
  2.  If it put on the necks of children then they will save from the evils powers. 
  3.  Coral gives relaxation to those children who scared while sleeping or cry without any reason. 
  4. With the smoke of this stone, evil powers don’t come near to you. 
  5. Coral pathar or marjan stone increases the wealth. 
  6. Coral safes from all types of magic. 
  7. Coral is very effective for increases the confidence.
Its interesting fact is that if it is not giving you advantages then it will not give any disadvantages. This coral stone has only positive effects.
Medical effects of Marjan Stone:
It is very beneficial in epilepsy. To recover from this disease, wear a ring of coral stone and you will recover soon from this disease.
Rule to use Coral Stone::
Remember that too gain advantage of any stone, it can be eaten or chewed. When you use them in a proper way then you can take advantages from them otherwise you will bear heavy loss. Some fools don’t use stones in a proper way and can’t get any advantage. So use these stones in a proper way.
External use of Marjan Stone:
With external use of stone, if you are not getting any advantage then you will also not get any disadvantage. You can wear the stone on any part of your body, you can wear it in a ring or in a locket or wrap in a clean cloth and tie around you arm belly, back or Thai.
Internal use:
You can also use this stone as a medicine. For this, make powder of it, and how to make powder of it? This only knows hakims.

Marjan Stone Benefits In Urdu Moonga Stone:
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