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Topaz Stone Benefits In Urdu Pukhraj Pathar Ki Pehchan In English: Man is fond of gems in all eras. The story of stones is very ancient. Jewelry has a separate beauty and charismatics power. Sort by date of birth and name selection of stones is considered a symbol of good Fortune. In several countries with the charismatic power of the amazing properties of these stones treatment of various diseases. Are you interested in information about these miraculous stones and want to know the meaning and want to identify real topaz and benefits of Topaz Stone?

Topaz Gem is called shiny stone. Many nations has discovered topaz stone, urdu name of this gem is Pukhraj pathar. Due to the different colors, topaz counted in different types. From topaz there are many effects for human are givel below.
  1. Topaz creates the feeling of human rights, justice and mercy in man.
  2. Topaz puts an end to grief and anger and also goof for cater the dreams.
Disadvantages of Wearing Topaz Stone:
Some types of topaz are not advisable to wear, we tell you what types of topaz are dangerous and can harm you in any way. Blackish topaz proves to be inauspicious, reddish Topaz is hazardous for stomach and digestive system.
Yellow Topaz Ring
Topaz is associated with mercury planet, if you do not see the good effects in your birth horoscope then topaz is advantageous for you. Many stars like Gemini and Sagittarius are associated with Topaz Stone. If your name is starting with P, Q, M, N then Topaz will be very effective and lucky stone for you. Those who are born in November Topaz is the birth stone for them and in terms of name and date of birth those who own the number 6 in numerology topaz is best for them.
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