Ya Wahabo Wazifa Ya Wahab Benefits Ya Wahabu Meaning In English & Urdu Dua

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Ya Wahabo meaning in urdu & english: The Giving Majesty of Allah - The Bestove: The meaning of Ya Wahhab is to give without any return. To give money and things without any return. Without any question who gives is called Wahab. Allah is Wahab, HE gives to his creatures in a way that cannot be explained. Except Allah there is no one who gives without any return. So the person who called Allah with this Name Ya Wahabu, Allah gives him a lot. He got what he wants. Ya Wahabu benefits or fazilat are as follows:

1.  Islamic Solution of Poor Financial Condition:
That person who is worried about his excess expenditures and is very poor then if he recites Ya Wahabo 1100 times in the morning and also you have to recite in evening for 111 days then your financial condition will be better very soon. And when you got what you wants then you must have to recite Ya Wahhabu 1000 times after fajar prayer for life time.
2.     Increases The Wealth:
Ya Wahabo is for rizq and is very beneficial to increase the wealth. For this purpose, after offering the night prayer, offer 2 nawafil for the sake of Allah and then in the position of sajdah, recite Ya Wahhab 11 times and then pray what you want this 1 year.

3.     Gain of Wealth For Marriage:
If any girl or boy is not getting married because of having not enough money then the mother / father of that person recites Ya Wahab Ya Razzaq 3125 times after every esha prayer and after doing this also recite Astaghfar for 33 times and then in the position of sajdah prayer to solve your problem, minimum do this act for 3 times.

4.     Increase In Wealth To Fulfill Responsibility: Ya Wahabo Dua
A person who has no money to fulfill his responsibilities and he is debtor then for this purpose, he gathers some people (they can be his family members also) after Jummah prayer then recites Astagfar for 11 times, then recites Ya-Wahabu Ya-Razzaqu for 41700 times and remember to do this act for 3 Jummah prayers and then also recites itself Ya Wahabo Ya Razzaqu for 11000 times daily for 41 days then give gap of 3 days and in these three days recites Astagfar for 111 times for three days and after gap, continue the process for 41 days and recites Ya Wahhabu Ya Razzaqu for 11000 times. His all problems will be solved and he can give all the debt which he takes from people.

5.     The Process To Become Opulent Forever:
The person who wants to become opulent forever, if he recites Ya-Wahabu after fajar prayer for 1400 times and in the night recites Ya-Wahabu for 1400 times before sleep on daily basis then his wish can come true.

6.     For Having The Job:
If any person wants a job according to his education and skills then for this wakeup in tahajud and then offer nawafil of tahajud and then recites 4100 times for 11 days then he will get a job according to his requirements.

7.     Procedure Ya-Wahabo Amal:
To became the scholar (amil) of Ya Wahabu, recite Ya Wahhabu after esha prayer under the sky for 5400 times for fourty (40) days and give a gap of three days and in these three days recites Astagfar for 1100 time and then after three days recite Ya Wahhabu for 5400 times under the sky after esha prayer for 40 days.
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