Dua Ya Razzaq Wazifa Ya Razzaq Benefits Urdu Meaning Ya Razzaq

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Ya Razzaq meaning -The Sustainer: Food and money is the basic need of every person. ALLAH is the only one who gives this to everyone in whole world. The person who recites Ya Razzaqu will have excess of rizq. With the benediction of this beautiful name Ya Razzaq, all problems of Muslims will solves and all hurdles will finish. Those persons who are in search of job to gain rizq, The Wazifa of Ya Razzaqo will help them a lot.

Increase in Rizq Wazifa:
Recite Ya Razzaqu daily after the fajar namaz 1100 times then Allah will give you rizq more than you expect and another thing is that recite Ya Razzaqu as much as you can then very soon your financial position will become more strong. Another process to increase the rizq is that read Ya Razzaqu for 23 times when you get up from bed in the morning and 23 times at night when going to bed and make this as your daily routine.
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To Decrease/Finish/Remove Poverty Wazifa In English:
If happiness is good financial position and If anyone want to be happy and wants to finish his poverty then read Ya Razzaq for 3100 times in a single day after the esha prayer daily. If a person can’t recite this Asma ul Husna for 3100 times in a day then he can recite Ya Razzaqu before the fajar prayer for 41 times at each corner of his house and continues this process for 1 year.

Process To Continue The Shop/Business Which Is Not Working:
Ya Razzaq is also beneficial for those works which are stopped due to some reason. If someone’s business is stopped or can’t gain profit/income then if he recites Ya Razzaqu for 3125 times for fourty days and then recites Ya Wahabo for 1100 times for eleven days and then recites Ya-Razzaqo for 3125 times for 40 days every day and at the last day distribute some sweets in the people for the sake of Allah. Due to the prosperity of this subsistence, he will gain success in his business or shop.

To Restart The Job: 
If someone has lost his job, or being fired from the job and he wants to having the job again then if he recites Ya Razzaq eleven thousand times daily and continues this process till when he get the job again. If a person wants to have a job and he can’t get it then he can also recite this for seven thousand times for 6 months then he can also get the job due to the prosperity of this subsistence. 

Solution of Finantial Position:
If a person have financial problems and he have no solution to come out of it then if he recites Ya Razzaq for 21000 times for fourty days then Allah will help him and solve his financial problems.

A person who recites Ya Razzaq for 797 times in a day after every prayer and make this as his routine then he will have prosperity in his wealth and ALLAH will give him as much that he will not depend on others.

Method To Become Muslim Scholar:
That person who wants to become scholar of Ya Razzaq then for that he have to read Ya Razzaq for 11000 times and this process is for 40 days and after these days give gap of 3 days and then you will have to recite or start again, do this process for 11 times. After the 11 times he will became the scholar amil of Ya Razzaqu.

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