Aqeeq Stone Benefits Urdu Agate Stone In Islam Aqeeq Pathar ki Pehchan

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Aqeeq Stone In English: It’s a gem of semi precious, it has many colors and kinds also. It is consider religious in all nations and religions. It convert the ultra violet rays of sun into neutral rays and then allow to pass them from human body so that body can get the energy from sun and can fight against diseases. It is available in small size of brown, yellow and red colors in a very reasonable price.
This aqeeq stone is in many types and colors, red, white, yellow, black, zard etc. But very best is red color gem which is also known as Yemeni aqeeq, then comes the 2nd best gem is of yellow color. aqeeq stone has many benefits.

Advantages of Agate Gemstone & Hadees About Aqeeq Stone In Islam: Its advantages are also mentioned in Hadees Sharif, whose have ring of agate in their hand that will never be sad in his life, his all wishes come true and he will be safe from his enemies and tensions, his earning increases. If its oil mix with carbon powder and apply in the eye the it relief pain. If on red gem agate, there will starch the face of person or his/her name’s first letter and keep along with themselves then this person will safe from all kinds of asthmatic diseases.

 Occult Properties: It makes the spirit powerful. Keeps away superstitious thoughts. Wishes also come true, people also have respect and progress and it’s very useful for married life also. It also buildup serviceableness and agility, confidence and power etc. It overcomes fears of being ugly or unloved, and is particularly empowering for those who hold excess weight in the body in order to ground in the physical world. It releases destructive emotional holds, and is a powerful stone for developing a more loving attitude toward oneself and the physical body.

Physically Healing Energy: Agate strengthening the heart, myocardium, ventricles and coronaries, and stimulating good circulation and blood flow. It is also an aid in treating disorders or disease of the heart. It is considered beneficial for the reproductive organs, and is often used for treatment of impotence and infertility, early menopause, and as a support for gynecological operations. It is also useful to secure for all types of poison.

Aqeeq Stone In Urdu And How To Identify Aqeeq Pathar Ki Pehchan:

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