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Spring Season Essay In Urdu & English: The word spring itself is very oriented or regenerative. When spring starts then garden changes its color. The color of leaves turn to green from yellow, the leaves on the trees start growing. Where the gardens are beige now they are colorful. The wither plants are now fresh and green. The green branches are swinging with mirth.

Come out and see the effect of spring, the sparrows and bulbul sing the songs of happiness. The birds are tweeting and clean water is flowing from founts. The soft branches are swinging, the wind is blowing and the flowers are swinging and new buds are growing on the branches.

Every bird tweets in their way and everyone is reciting Ya-Wadoodo. Everyone is calling their partner for celebrating their happiness. The people are excited, their faces are bright. The bor on the tress gives hope of tasty fruits. The garden is colorful and beautiful butterflies are sitting on beautiful flowers. Green branches and green leaves are dancing and the greenery gives freshness to eyes and the scenery facilitates them so everything seems very happy.

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What a scene that new flower and buds are growing and the flowers are soted with the dew. The spring season effects very beautifully on the land. The winds spread the smell of flowers everywhere and their sweet smell gives relaxation to heart and eyes. The colors of spring time give relaxation to human heart and brain and reduces the sadness.

When we see towards the buds, dew on flowers and the wind in the morning in spring season (mausam e bahar) then he surprised to see that what the scene was before few months and what is now. The same yellow leaves are now green, the same leafless trees are now full of green leaves. How it is happen? This is the charisma of Allah who has power of doing everything. Those people who deny HIM and HIS powers then this is the point to think that how it is possible.

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