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Warzish Ke Faide Essay In Urdu Exercise: Health and fitness is a huge wealth. If a person is not fit then life becomes miserable for him that is why it is necessary to value this wealth and in every possible way protect this wealth of health. If fitness affected once, life becomes disrupted. Exercise is important for maintaining Fitness. To digest food, exercise is helpful and also good for the growth and development of body and it becomes active and robust. Man remains cheerful, body organs and muscles becomes stronger. If you do not have health then Gold, silver, commodities,inheritance and property are all useless.

Exercise is an art, each exercise has different importance. There are different kinds of exercises, for common exercise we don't need teacher that is why we do not need special instructions for this type of exercise for example, a morning walk, walking, jogging. For Athlete hard exercises are wrestling and swimming these are good for face, stomach, hands and leg but specialist teachers are essential for these exercises.

Different exercises have different benefits, but i think swimming is the best exercise which is for anyone. To get healthy diet is good for your body and is the first requirement and a basic lesson for  exercise. You should exercise in every season but it is so important for good health in winter season.
Should not exercise after a meal. Ice cream, soda and cold things should not eat immediately after workout because use of cold drinks and cold syrups can impair stomach. However, the human body can be strengthened by exercise.