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Neelam Stone Benefits In English & Identify: Amethyststone is extremely elegant gemstone. Types of Sapphire: In terms of the colors of sapphire ancient experts divides it into green, blue and Reddish colors. Five types of sapphire is described in ancient books. (1) The Sapphire which is smaller in size and heavier in weight. (2) the sapphire, which is very flashy. (3) If you place it in front of the sun rays you will see blue color rays. (4) Silver and golden crystal rays comes out from this stone (5) If you will place it in a pot the pot will looks blue color pot. Indian jewellers says that real sapphire (neelam) will be a blue color stone.

Place of Birth: Amethyst found in several countries including Sri Lanka, south-eastern part of Siam, Burma, Australia, Switzerland, United States and including Kashmir. Good sapphire is in Kashmir. Sapphire of Salon is also considered the best.
Sapphire Stone Benefits: If you have neelam stone ring and you want to know the effects and side effects of your stone then look at your stone if you found so many blue lines somewhere in sapphire then this is the indication that this type of stone will damage your business. Broken Sapphire should never wear because if someone will wear broken Amethyst he or she may become the diet of the animals. If someone wear best neelam, then fury of enemy will over. When buying Sapphire remember to purchase pure and real stone because lot of people selling sapphire which is made with glass. This stone does not suit everyone, if it suits somebody then soon he or she will get rich. Sapphire is expensive in price. Average quality 5 carat sapphire price in Pakistan is around 30$ so you can figure out the price in your country. Everyone in life want to become famous and this stone is known to achieve fame. Many people ask me that wearing stone allowed in Islam? and the answer is yes you can there is nothing wrong in wearing stones.
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