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Zircon Stone Benefits In English: Zircon is the oldest stone, it is heavy in weight from Adamant but is very similar with Adamant that you can’t easily differentiate them. Only from the size and weight you can differentiate them. Zircon is very shiny stone. Zircon has many names: In English and urdu language, its name is Zircon and in hindi this is known as Gomed stone.
Zircon Stone Colors And Types: It has many kinds of colors which are following:

  1. Green Zircon
  2. Blue Zircon
  3. Orange Zircon
  4. Red Zircon
  5. Yellow Zircon
  6. Brown Zircon
  7. Yellow-Golden Zircon

Its 2 kinds are very famous:

1: Jasar Goisaz:
Its color is light yellow, it is of very high quality, another kind of zircon is that in which there is some line or mark, and that one is called faulty zircon.

2: High Sonth Gomed Stone:
Sonth color is reddish golden and orange. It is mostly found in Sri Lanka.

Chemical Formula & Properties of Zircon:
Zircon contain following chemicals:
  • Silica
  • Magnesium
  • Platinum
  • Calcium
Positive Effects And Facts of Zircon:
  1. Zircon stone increases the well power of person, and safes from accidents.
  2. Gomed stone increases the wealth of poor persons.
  3. Gomed stone safes from all types of unfortunately.
  4. Zircon pathar helps in love and marriage and it also helps to seek knowledge and health.
  5. Zircon effects positive on human’s mind and provides a relaxation.
  6. Many times we have seen that zircon helps in increases the fame and respect.
Medical Facts and Advantages of Zircon:
  1. Blood Flow: Gomed stone normal’s the blood flow and maintains health.
  2. Muscular Pain: This stone can reduce the pain of muscular.
  3. Paresis: It helps to recover from paresis or any disease which cause the damage of your body part.
  4. Mentally Dryness: It reduces the mentally dryness.
  5. Gents Diseases: This stones helps to recover from the diseases of men and gives strength and energy.
  6. Women Diseases: This stones is also very beneficial for women health, it also helps in pregnancy.
Places of Availability: Zircon is found in most of the countries in the world like in Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, Norway, California (America) etc.

Industrial Use of Zircon:
Zircon is not only beneficial for human but also for industry. Like
  • Photography: Zircon stone is very valuable in the industry of photography, it is used in the smoke flash powder of photography where it need badly.
  • Spark Plug: It is used in the making of spark plug of different types of engines.
  • Substitute of Platinum: In the chemical formula of zircon, platinum is in excess amount so it is also used as a substitute of platinum in the atomic technology.
  • Atomic Reactor: Zircon is beneficial for atomic technology, it is used in the reactors of atomic electric houses.
Zircon Lucky Stone or Birth Stone:
Zircon is the lucky stone for star Gemini and star Virgo. It is the birth stone for the people who born in the month of august and zircon stone suits only those persons whose lucky number is 5.
Historical Status: Zircon History:
Zircon is the oldest stone and people is using this from the stone age. It means that it is found 1 crore years ago.
Zircon Stone Benefits In Urdu

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