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Emerald Stone Benefits In English: Emerald is the most expensive gem. It is also called Zamurd stone in urdu and hindi. Emerald is available in every color. Clean and clear is the best piece of zamurd and is very rare and that is why the finest piece price of Emerald stone is in lacks per karat and this is very expensive. Wrinkles, lines and holes are found in simple type of emerald. If you want to identify or buy the best high quality real emerald stone then always purchase clean and clear zamurd stone with no holes and lines on it.

Astrological Effects of Emerald:
5/6 karat gem fixed in the ring of same karat of gold/ platinum impresses your enemies and they don’t take any step against yourself. It fulfills the wishes, reduces the sorrow and makes you happy. The person who wears Zamurd Stone will have the love of Allah. Communications and movement is represented by the planet Mercury for which the stone is emerald. It is generally worn to improve business, trade and communication skills. It sharpens the intellect and removes speech defects. It controls nervous system and channelizes it in the right direction. Skin problems and allergic conditions are said to improve by wearing an emerald gem.

zamurd stone ring, English name of zamurd is emerald
Medical Effects and Properties of Emerald Stone:
It is beneficial for the liver diseases and it makes the movement of nerve normal. Zamurd is also beneficial for the low and high blood pressure and also for the heart and brain. It gives energy, it is useful in decreasing pain, cancer, asthma, ulcers, and infections. Childbirth pains, eyestrain, stress, paranoia, schizophrenia, radiation effects, acidity, headache, back pains, sciatica and female diseases. The effects are achieved as emerald balances the breathing system, nervous system circulation, nerves, hemoglobin, adrenals and pancreas. The general effects of emerald are relating to mind, which means it increase memory, intuition, communication and intelligence. In addition it enhances eyesight, body vitality and immune system.

Emerald Stone Benefits In Urdu:

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