Independence Day of Pakistan Essay In Urdu 14 August Speech Youm Azadi Aik Naimat Hai English

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Independence Day Speech In Urdu Youm e Azadi Essay: The 14 fourteenth of August is an important day in our national history. Pakistan emerged as an independent Muslim state on the map of the world. It was the greatest event for the Muslims of the subcontinent. They won their homeland to live life according to the teachings of Islam. They won their homeland to live life according to the teachings of Islam.

The 14th August is an important day for us. We celebrate this 14 August day every year. On this freedom day we celebrate public holiday. The day is celebrate with great fervour. The whole nation stands still at the time of the recitation of national anthem. The occasion is marked with military parades and display of weapons, tanks and missiles. The air show of Pakistan Air Force boosts the mrale of the People.

Homage is paid to the martyrs of freedom fighters. Pakistani national songs are sung by childrens. Homage is paid to the Quaid. Special functions are held in schools and colleges. The national flag of Pakistan is hoisted on houses, trees and buildings on the occasion of 14 August, and resolutions for the solidarity of the country are passed. Radio and TV telecast special programmes to create awareness of the purpose for which Pakistan was created.

Dear Children, Pakistan is our country, we have to be honest in our work and word. We must make each and every corner and place of our country Pakistan a peaceful place. We should learn to behave well and show tolerance. We should use things made in our own country by our own people. Let's make a strong resolution to be Pakistani and buy Pakistani. Pakistan is my country, i love Pakistan and i pray for my country and the people of my country.
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  • What is the importance of 14th August in our history?
  • How do you celebrate Pakistan day on 14th August?
  • What kind of programmes are telecast to celebrate the Pakistan Day?
  • What does the whole nation do when the national anthem of Pakistan is sung?
  • How should we behave in our work and word?