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Minar e Pakistan History In Urdu Minar Pakistan Essay In English: This place is a great national masterpiece because technical skills were accommodated in designing of Minar e Pakistan. There are various panels under the base of the tower, first panel is rough and this represents that at the time of Independence Pakistan was in deteriorating condition.To enhance its beauty marble stones were used on the forth panel of Minar e Pakistan. At 180 feet, iron and concrete have been used and its construction was completed in eight years and eleven months with the cost of 75 Lack Pakistani rupees.

In respect, its height is less than the height of the minarets of Badshahi Mosque. To go to the top of Minar-e-Pakistan there are 224 stairs. Moreover the modern elevator is also installed in it. The lower part of the minaret resembles a flower petal. Quranic Verses and calligraphy of sweet Names of Allah are also written on its marble walls. Pretty greenery, spectacular hallways and there is a lake Touching and elegant fountains are also there is this historical park.

Minar e Pakistan Essay In Urdu: