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Surah Rahman Benefits In Urdu: Ya Rahman meaning - The All-Compassionate. The word Rehman is made from rehmat (blessing). Allah blessing is of 2 types, one is common and 2nd is special. The common blessing is for everyone means that for Muslims or for non-Muslims, for human beings, for tress, rocks etc. like when raining then it’s for everyone, poor or rich, good or bad, means that it is equal for everyone. So Allah is called Ya Rahmanu for His this quality. Allah blesses us on every step in our life, so a person who calls Allah with this name Ya Rahmano Allah gives everything which they need in their life. Some precious benefits of Ya Rahmanu are as follows:

Having A Good Proposal: If someone is not getting a good proposal means that his wish is not coming true then he/she must have to recite Astaghfar then recite Ya Rahman for 3125 times daily in a neat place by doing ablution and after that pray in front of Allah, and very soon you will find a good proposal.

Subsistence of Accessibility of Blessing: Ya Rahman is very beneficial for the accessibility of blessing of Allah. A person who makes a routine of reciting Ya Rahmanu 1100 times in every evening, Allah will attract that person towards the worship of Allah.

Solution of Every Problem Wazifa:With the blessing of Ya Rahman, every problem is resolved, if any problem occurs to him then that problem will resolve soon. To solve the problems add Ya Allahu with this fabulous name means recite “Ya Allahu Ya Rahmanu”.

Process To Get Relief From Sickness: A person who recites above 2 marvelous names together 100 times before start the day then he will stay healthy.
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