Benefits Ya Samad Wazifa Ya Samadu Meaning Ya Samad Zikr Reciting Dua Fazilat

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Ya Samad Meaning In English & Benefits: The Satisfier of All Needs: The meaning of Ya Samad is that Allah is everything. HE gives us everything and don’t need anything, that’s why he is the satisfier of all needs. The whole world is HIS necessitous. Samad is that one who is very big and the world is noting in front of him. The saying of Hazrat Ali (R.A) is that Samad is one who is predominant among everything. The saying of Hazrat Ibn Abbas (R.A) Is that Samad is one to whom people come in their tuff time. The saying of Hazrat Abu Huraira (R.A) is that Samad is one that has everything and all are his necessitous. Means that Samad is the quality of Allah in which HE blesses HIS creature with HIS blessings and give them strength to speak the truth and the benefits of Ya Samadu are listed. 

Process To Become Visionist: Ya Samado is very beneficial for becoming the visionist. A person, who wants to become the visionist, recites Ya Samad for 11000 times daily for a long period of time that his all sins will be forgiven and Allah blesses him with the visionist power, that he can also see the unseen and knows the unknown things.

Process of Cutlass Tongue: A person who speaks truth in his life and recites this word for 1100 times for his life time before the fajar prayer and after the nawafil of tahajud, then after 5 7 years whatever he says will comes true.

Process of Being Self-Sufficient: A person who recites Ya Samad for 7000 times in a day and make to recite it as his daily routine then he will be self-sufficient from all the things of the world. His all needs will be satisfied by ALLAH and whenever e have financial problem, his help will be done by someone.

Process and Amal of Ya Samad: To become the amil of Ya Samad, recite this name of Allah for 10,000 times in a day for 80 days, you will become the scholar of Al-Samad and after that you can give its naqsh or taweez to other people to solve their issues related to this.

The Majesty of Subsistence of Ya-Samado:

A person who recites Ya Samad for 9000 times in a day for 40 days then he will stay away from all types of bad things. If any couple is not concordant with each other then recite this ayat for 1100 times on a glass of water and then give it to them to drink, they will concordant with each other after the reciting of this Quranic Verse. The Verse is given below:

Ya Samad Wazifa In Urdu