Ya Maliku Wazifa Ya Malik Ul Mulk Benefits Urdu Ya Maliko How To Become Rich In Islam

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Ya Maliko meaning in english - The Absolute Ruler: Allah is the lord of this wonderful universe, and there is no lord of Him. HE creates everything of this fantastic world. Human ownership is temporary but the ownership of Allah is ever lasting. A saying of a scholar is that Ya Malik is one who is the rich one in all and is the Owner/Lord of this world and things related to this world. Without any help HE can make enroachment between all creatures so HE is the right and only lord of this world. A person who recites Ya Maliku daily have honor.

How To Become Rich In Islam:
If you are searching Islamic method or Islamic way to become rich and trying to find any good job or want strong business then Ya Maliko is very beneficial for the people who want success and money. So a person who wants to have more wealth then recites Ya Maliku 6000 plus times for more than 600 days. If he can’t do this then recites Ya Maliku 3000 times when you wake up  and 3000 times before sleep for atleast 2 years. ALLAH will kind on him and give him more success in life.

Money, Honor And Predominance:
In order to have money, honor and predominance, recite Ya Malik Al-Aziz for 10,000 times for 101 days, you will have respect and honor, money and you will predominant among all.

Acquisition of Position or Job: Ya Malik Al Mulk Benefits In English:
Any person who wants a position in assembly or in the office, or wants to acquire a job but don’t acquire it due to some reason, if he recites Ya Malik Al Mulk for 7000 times in a day for 21 days then ALLAH will help him and he can easily acquire want he wants.

Vacant The Shop or House on Rent:
Sometimes tenants are not of good nature, sometimes they don’t pay rent on time or don’t pay any rent, and when you order them to vacant the space they don’t. In order to vacant the house or shop from the tenants, gather some people and recites Ya Malik ul Mulk for 41000 times in a day for 7 days, ALLAH will help you to vacant the house and your problem will resolve.

Process or Amal of Ya-Maliko Wazifa: That person who wants to become amil of Ya Malik, if he recites Ya Maliku for 5625 times then this will also help his life hurdles.

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