Lahore Fort History In Urdu Shahi Qila Information Moti Masjid Shahi Qila Ki Sair Essay In Urdu

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Shahi Qila History In Urdu Lahore Fort Essay In English: Literal meanings of Fort are stability and safety. Forts are made worldwide for military purposes or royal residences. Many castles were built in different periods in Pakistan. The place selected for the fort was a high artificial mound and above the surface of the Lahore city, located on the south shore of the Ravi River and was quite safe in past located in the north-west of Lahore.

Lahore Fort is an unprecedented masterpiece of Mughal architecture, which they had built for residential purposes as well as Military objectives and goals were also taken into consideration. The shape of Lahore Fort is nearly rectangular, The walls are made of red brick whose masonry is made from clay soil, from which they could throw hot water and can easily use weapons of war against the military who could blockade the castle or fort. These walls have holes for riflemen and these signs are still alive in the eastern wall. Lahore fort is also knows as Shahi Qila which is famous in world because of its historical importance and architecture.

Shahi Qila Essay In Urdu: