Saffron Benefits In Urdu Zafran Beauty Tips In Urdu Saffron Ke Faide For Skin Uses In English

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Saffron Benefits In Urdu: Original price of famous saffron spice is around Rs. 557440 per kg in Pakistan and here it's meaning is Zafran. For being so expensive it is precious like gold. In Hindi it's Indian name is Kesar and it is a gift of the earth of Kashmir because it's a spice of stunning Kashmir where it is cultivated on common and commercial scale. It's name is also found in Pakistani songs and proverbs. Saffron is a tiny appealing plant it's height is around 10 to 30 cm on which we can see fabulous lilac color saffron flowers which comes out in November - December and they can only grow on the high ground where water does not remain. It's roots are like potato roots and we can get 500 gram saffron from it's 60 thousand marvelous flowers.

Tips And Uses Of Saffron - Zafran Ka Istemal:

  • With the use of saffron spice, food becomes tasty and we can also use it for food coloring. The fragrance of food becomes incomparable with it.
  •  Particularly Saffron used in Pakistan, and Bangladesh in Biryani, Actually this is a delicious dish made with rice if we add saffron in it then its taste becomes like the taste of the foods of Heaven.
  • To reduce pain and diseases and to enhance comfort saffron used in medicines.
  • If there are many insects in your home and you don't know how to get rid of lizards from room then with the use of this spice, insects will not come in your kitchen and rooms, so for this put a little saffron in an open pot and place it from where you want to remove lizards.
How To Identify Original Saffron: Put it in ice water you will see it's color red or yellow and you will definitely feel the sweet fragrance of saffron.
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Be Careful When You Buy Saffron: 2-3 years ago in Lahore a man looks around 35 to 40 years came to me and said, You need saffron? I asked yes i am interested to buy saffron but how much quantity you have. He replied whether you take 1 kg or 1000 kg i can arrange it. I said do not joke just tell me how much can you give. He said I'm not kidding i will bring it as much as you need for only Rs 500 per kg. I said do you know, nowadays it's price is Rs 5 lac, on that he remained silent. I asked him will you give me Iranian, Italian or red gold saffron which is from Kashmir? This is not from these places it is from my village where we cultivated it in enormous quantity. Later, from there i found it was similar in shape but it was not saffron.
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Effectiveness And Benefits of Saffron For Skin Glowing And Body Beauty Tips For Women And Man:
  1. Saffron is helpful to Eliminate every kind of Swelling on the body.If you feel pain in kidney then use this spice in your meal because it has been observed that it alleviates the pain of kidney.
  2. If your eyes are burning or feeling pain then make saffron water and use it with water in your eyes it can also remove the redness of eye and if you put it one time every night in your eye then it is much better for your eyesight and dark circles.
  3. For the solution of digestive problems drink saffron tea with milk and if you intend to weight loss then saffron is blessing for you.
  4. This saffron information is specially for new mothers that saffron is not dangerous, it is safe for your newborn baby, so without any fear you can give saffron milk 2 times to your children.
  5. The most important characteristic of saffron is to remove depression, anxiety and sadness.
  6. If you have starvation problem use it with lemon.
  7. Every human likes elegance and fair complexion and to make their face charming they use saffron they also use it for acne treatment.
  8. Saffron is very helpful in diabetes and during pregnancy For example, if use saffron with the approval of doctor then it can minimizes the pain, it shows that saffron generally is a good diet for health. 
Faide Zafran Side Effects of Saffron: Excessive use of saffron cause many problems and ailments. Therefore, do not use saffron more than reasonable level.