How To Know Baby Gender in Urdu Symptoms of Baby Boy In Pregnancy Girl Gender Prediction Test Sings

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How To Know Baby Boy or Girl In Pregnancy In Urdu & English: Becoming parents is extreme pleasure of life for every human being and everyone wants to know that their child is baby boy or girl and today it is possible to find the baby gender due to the advancement of science with the help of sound wave 3d and 4d ultrasound do this pregnancy ultrasound test after 21 to 27 weeks of pregnancy because this is the best time for pregnancy scan. During sonography new parents feel lovely moments when they hear the heart beat of their baby very first time in their life, no doubt this is the sweet moment for every parents and if you are lucky then ultrasound will detect the gender of your baby after 14 to 16 weeks because of gestational age and baby position and if you are very lucky then sonographer will tell you that you have twin babies. There are many non medical ways to determine the baby gender for example chinese method, ring test etc.


Some Old Wives Tales Gender Prediction

Baby BPM
Another method to find baby gender is the heart rate, at 15th week if it is not more than 157 bpm then its boy and in the same week if it is 158 bpm or more then its a girl. BPM can change, if bpm is under 156 after 19 weeks, this is a sign of girl.

How To Do Baking Soda Gender Test And Vinegar Gender Test

Baking powder is not a reliable test for pregnancy prediction but many people thinks that this soda test is accurate for them and if you want to try this baking soda test at home then the method is very simple after the morning you have to take a disposable clean glass, for your purpose fill it with urine and add little quantity of soda you can add 1 tbsp then you will see foamy urine this is the signal of baby boy and if its not frothy then people thinks that its the symptom of baby girl.

Red Cabbage Test
For this test purchase fresh red cabbage from vegetable market then boil it and add its boiled water in urine, if the color turns redish it means your baby is boy and if someone is hoping for girl then try to find the purple color.

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Symptoms of Baby Boy or Girl in Urdu At Home

if you are newly married and searching a topic of conceive a baby boy in urdu then i have share some Islamic tips for getting pregnant in baby boy wazifa article for childless couples.  
Do you want to start the preparation to welcome your newborn baby then the first thing is try to know the gender of your unborn baby then you can start shopping toys and clothes and many other things.