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Baby Skin Care Tips In Urdu: Message is necessary for the unweaned kids so they can grow better and sleep well. It not only keeps them active but also speedups the blood circulation in their body. If mothers message their unweaned kids daily with a proper way then their growth and weight increases properly, and that point shows the importance of message. So mothers must take care of following points while messaging their kids:
(A guarantee of better growth and activeness) 
  • Before message keep all necessary things nearby yourself like diaper, baby oil, tissue paper, baby’s clean clothes and towel etc.
  • Baby’s skin is soft and sensitive. So you must have care of it to avoid any damage and for that takeout you jewelry and keep the length of your nails normal so that their skin can’t hurt by you.
  • Lay down your baby on a plain surface over a soft towel or rapping sheet so that he/she safe from falling down. Take out his/her clothes and lay them straight.
  • Take half tea spoon oil on your palm and then rub slightly your hands and then apply it on your baby’s body. If need more oil then you can use it.
  • During message give some toys in your baby’s hand so that he/she can play with it or engage him/her with yourself so that he/she can easily take message.
  • Message the baby’s chest and belly softly with your palm and fingers in circular manner. Massage their shoulders also like that. But while messaging their feet and hands, message them from upward to downward direction. And from downward to upward direction message their back.
  • Avoid fiercely message on their body especially on back bone because that is the sensitive part of body and your carelessness will cause any damage.
  • Babies put their fingers in their mouth so not use oil on their fingers.
  • Avoid message on the sensitive parts of kids like rashes etc.
  • We you complete the message to them and muffle them in towel, it will give relaxation to them.
  • Don’t message before /after feeding, give some gap between them. Message keeps the body of baby strong and active so you can give them message till 4 years.
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