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English History of China: When and how the great wall of china form_? It is said about the Great Wall of China that it is the prolonged about all. Its height is 6400 km (400 mile). Its amazing fact is that it is totally made by human’s hard work and skill instead of any equipment and machinery.
It is formed during the rule of Ming royal family. This royal family rule on china from 1368 to 1644. They form the wall to protect their country from Mongol nation’s invaders. As time pass the war style also changes, now army don’t fight riding on horses or on their feet. So its value also changes, now its value is as a sample so many travelers come to visit it.
Fact file: meaning of Ming is bright. So during their rule china progress a lot and successful. During their rule Chinese also make beautiful vases on which their make beautiful art. Not only has this but during the rule of Ming family literature and art also progressed a lot.

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