Pakistan Ki Saqafat In Urdu Pakistani Culture And Civilization Urdu Speech Essay Tehzeeb

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Culture Pakistani Saqafat Essay In Urdu: Cultural patterns of a Muslim society are not to be confined to the phenomena of certain UN-Islamic recreational activities patronized by secular segment of our society. The term culture has, in fact, wider connotation that engulfs different social and cultural activities. It symbolizes certain values, depicts certain beliefs and customary ways of life of a society. Music, art, literature, poetry etc., constitute merely one aspect of culture and is not to be considered total culture.

Pakistani culture presents a mixture of different cultures. Aryan civilization has its imprints on the culture of Pakistani society. Later, the Arabs and Central Asian races and their culture shaped social setup of the people of the Subcontinent. During this period, Aryans either embraced Islam while adjusting and adapting their cultural norms, both material and mental, according to Islamic injunctions. Even those who did not embrace Islam, also got influenced by the cultural legacy of Islam. The interaction between Hindus and Muslims of India over the centuries, paved way for diffusion of cultural norms in both the communities. The new Muslim culture developed in this region, thus was a blend of Arabian, Iran, Turkey, Afghan and local cultures.

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