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Neem Benefits In Urdu: Neem Trees are frequently found in Pakistan, its English name is Azadirachta indica and has been used for 3999 years in medicines. Recently certain international Argochemical commercial companies have concentrate on the medical benefits of Neem oil and have expressed interest in it that could be the organic alternative of industrial pesticides. According to tradition, Neem leaves have superior qualities which are helpful to remove several diseases. If you sit under neem tree you will notice two or three degree less temperature as compared to other dense trees.

Neem Tree Leaf Picture

Uses of Neem Advantages And Disadvantages - Neem Ke Patte In English: 
  1. To enhance beauty and to solve skin problems Neem oil is tried and tested and is a quick solution. Boil neem leaves and when its water become greenish (Emerald tinge) then remove its leaves from water and use because it will remove skin infections and itching.
  2. Countering against skin pimples use above method to boil neem water and dip cotton in it then put cotton on your face pimples.
  3. To remove dandruff mix the neem powder in water and let it stick to the scalp for an hour.