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Subah Ki Sair Essay In Urdu Morning Walk Benefits: Morning walk is fun and also a light Exercise. With morning walk man remains active all day which is useful for medically oriented health because many diseases can be eliminated with morning exercise. Those who are accustomed to getting up early in the morning they enjoy the open air and get oxygen for lungs. Their brain and body muscles remain strong. In other words, we can say morning walk is health assurance, a guarantee of health. We can walk alone in morning but if someone walk with us then we feel more nice.

Therefore me and my Friend Arsh go out together for morning walk. No matter how late we sleep in night, we always get up in the morning before fajr namaz. We are accustomed to Prayer that is why we perform morning Prayer in the mosque. From there, we go for a walk together. During the walk we talk on various topics and also saw beautiful birds, green trees, fresh red roses and fountains in park.

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A Garden that comes in our way looks stunning and enchanting. Pearls of dew on the flowers in morning looks shiny. Fragrance and freshness spans everywhere. If we find such scenes then the enjoyment of morning walk will increase but i enjoy morning walk more when Rainy Season comes.
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