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Life History of Allama Iqbal Essay In English: A great ideologue, reformist, philosopher and poet, Allama Muhammad Iqbal has been regarded as the pioneer of the idea of Pakistan. He reminded the Muslims of the Subcontinent about their past glory, awakened them from dreamless slumber and inculcated a spirit of action, drive and self-awareness. His great contribution to the struggle for freedom lies in his presentation of the concept of Millat in a concrete and convincing manner. He exposed the myth of territorial nationalism and unfolded its dark aspects.

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Early Life: Born in a family with religious background on 9th November, 1877 at Sialkot, he recieved his early education on religious tradition in a mosque. He was disciple of Syed Mir Hassan, a religious scholar. After graduation from Government College, Lahore, he joined Oriental College as Asstt. Professor and then promoted as Reader. Later, he proceeded to England for higher education and joined Cambridge University. Iqbal got his doctrate from Munikh University and also passed the examination of Bar at Law.

On his return to India in 1908, he started legal practice, but remained preoccupied in literary activities and in reading and writing especially poems. He devoted major part of his life in literary pursuits and in politics but this all was in the interest of the Muslim 'Millat'. 

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