Rainy Season Essay In Urdu Barsat Ka Mausam Barish Ka Aik Din Rainy Day Rain Essay In English

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Rain Essay In Urdu Barish & Rainy Season: Water drops from clouds on the surface of earth is known as rain. In the month of June there is a lot of heat and because of the hot weather every one love to stay at home no one want to go outside in hot sunlight. Water level in streams goes down and rivers become dry and suddenly we see  that clouds are coming and sun is hiding his face in the clouds. In the warm air coolness has been created due to the heavy clouds.

After seeing the black clouds the faces of the peoples are smiling because they want to walk in rain and children's want to play football, cricket, hockey and many other games or sports in rain. The bell of the holiday of school is ringing and the students are coming out from the school and after watching the beautiful weather all students are exciting and suddenly rain is coming from clouds and the pearls of rain is falling on earth and flowers.  Water gather in the streets and children's are running in rain water and blowing rain drops on each other.  Spring has come to prairie and gardens.
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Yellow color leaves are now wearing green clothes of freshness. After three to four hours of torrential rain now clouds are going and now the sky is clear. Rainbow has added colors on the sky and made the charming view of sky. Trees and roads have been washed by the rain and everything is looking very neat. Life become pleasant and cordial everywhere. Now rivers, stream, canals, fountains and springs are flowing and birds are chirping gladly. Buds are smiling and greenery is everywhere. After rain people have come out of their homes someone is enjoying rainy day and some people are planning for shopping.

Many people are going to buy the fruit of Summer Season. Yesterday no one was buying mangoes in market but today the vendors are not giving permission to touch the mangoes. Immediately prices have become doubled. Many people are sitting edge of the canal with their families and eating mangoes. The edge of the river is also offering likeable conditions to enjoy the rainy day. All the boats are running in the water of the river. People are more and boats are less. Today sailors have also increased their rates and that scene remains until the evening. When there is excessive rain then flood comes but no doubt that rain is blessing from Allah in the summer season.

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