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Urdu My School Essay In English: I will never forgot my first day at school because it was one of the beautiful day of my life. School is the place where children comes out from animality to humanity and the slack minds becomes strong in school where the darkness of ignorance converted into lights. Where crowned the jewel of consciousness and manners and where the heart is encouraged to enlarge and sight gets height. Due to the knowledge we can illuminate the era. We can also optimize behavior, rituals, and thoughts in school. My school has these same attributes.

On the main gate of my school i daily ready poetry which is written for students. School is the place where we can change our lucks. Images of Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal are sticking on the walls of my school. My school is heart for me and is also big like heart. The field of my school is very large and the laboratory is also very big. There are also experimental farm for agriculture.

Arrangement of electricity, water and fans are also available. High water tank is also available in my school. Charming spring flower beds are filled with red roses. Beautiful green trees and adorable fountains are also here for students. In front of the school building there is a hall on which "Allah Is Almighty" is written in big words.
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The headmaster of my school is very capable and well experienced. Our school staff consists of 60 teachers which are fully versed in the art of knowledge. There are 2000 students in my school, 2 peons, gardeners and sweepers. My school is one of the best school in Pakistan which is situated in Lahore city this is why i like my school. When my last day at school will come i know i will become sad because i am living memorable childhood moments in my school.

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