Ya Latifu Wazifa Ya Lateefu Benefits Ya Latif Meaning Fazilat Dua For Marriage

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Ya Lateefu Meaning In English: The courtesy and delectation of Allah, O The Most Gentle
Allah is kind and He is very kind with His people. He treats them gently. His courtesy and delectation has no example. He gave philosophy to physicians, knowledge to scholars, saintness to archeology, Prophetship to Prophets. He gave judgement to piety and sense to intelligents. It means that Allah blesses the people with His blessings who are able for them. Another meaning of Latif is that a thing that can only feel but cannot touch. Allah is Lateef because He cannot be touch by hand and cannot see by eyes as like a flower whose smell cannot be touch but can feel. Allah is Lateef, we can only feel His presence and His blessings but cannot touch them. Here are the benefits of Ya Lateefu:

For Better Proposal Wazifa For Wish:
Ya Latifu is very beneficial for the love marriage or good proposal, for the sake of good proposal, recite Ya-Lateefo 12900 times daily for 40 days.

For The Solution Of Every Problem:
Ya Lateefu is also beneficial for every problem that person who recites Ya Latifu 129 times in a day on daily basis after every prayer then his all problems will solve and his all need will be fulfilled.

The Solution of Incurable Diseases:
For the purpose of incurable diseases, recite Ya Latifu for 11000 times for 11 days and blow in the glass of water and then drink it. The patient will recover soon with the blessings of Holy Name Ya Lateefu.

Meaning Ya Latifu Wazifa In Urdu:

 Ya Lateefu dua, hajat Ya Lateefu fazilat, zikir Ya Latif fazileti

Solution Of Penury And Unemployment:
With the blessing of this Name sustenance increases. If someone is unemployed then he will got a job. For this purpose, recite this beautiful Name Ya Lateefu 16641 times in a day for 40 days.