1973 Ka Ain 1973 Constitution Of Pakistan In Urdu Salient Features Main Ponits Notes And Presentation

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1973 Ain Salient Features of 1973 Constitution Of Pakistan In Urdu And English: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who made two very good things which are considered pillars of Pakistan today.1: Began acquiring nuclear capability 2: The Constitution of 1973. In Pakistan the 1973 Constitution is a revolutionary constitution and this is the Unanimous Constitution of all religious and political parties. In this there are the provisions of Articles 62 and 63 of the constitution whose examples are being given today in which Quran is called Supreme Law.  No society can stay without justice and the law For the betterment of people we have a constitution but implementation on it is still missing. After 1972 for Pakistani government the most important tasks was to draft a new constitution.

For this special assignment a committee was formed from the cross-section of political parties. The purpose of this committee was to draft the constitution for the ravishing territory of our adorable country on which all political parties should agree. A disagreement within the committee was about the parliamentary or presidential system. In addition, there were different views on the issue of provincial autonomy or sovereignty.

Eight months after consideration the constitutional committee presented its report on the constitution of Pakistan. The majority of the Federal Assembly adopted it with 135 positive votes and on 14 August 1973 the constitution was enacted in the Country.

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