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Chandni Raat Essay In Urdu Moon Essay In English: Moonlight is a blessing and beautiful gift of Allah. Meaning of Chandni Raat in English is 14th Moon Night and is also known as Full Moon Night. Heart relieved with moonlight that's why this is a priceless blessing. Everyone likes moonlit night, words can not describe its beauty.

When a person becomes fed up with tedious and dark nights then we realize that the night when moon becomes full is mercy for us. Moon is not only lovely to watch but name of the moon itself is beautiful. Because of the beauty this word is also used for elegant things and beloved person.Garden walk in Moonlit night gives pleasure, Colors of flowers and beauty of buds looks bright, greenery becomes ravishing and green fields offer Fascinating view.

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When silvery moonlight comes out from green leaves of trees then it looks so charming and tremendous on earth. In seasons pleasant season is spring and in nights the 14th night of moon is an excellent example of scenic elegance.After the rain dusty atmosphere becomes delectable, in such a situation moonlight is very bewitching for the heart. Reflection of moon in quiet pool looks so comfortable and relaxed. Light of the moon on the field or desert looks like silver water. The edge of the river offers a panoramic view of the nature.