Ya Nooru Wazifa Surah Noor Benefits Urdu Ya Nooru Meaning In English Al-Nur Fazilat Translation

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Ya Noor Meaning - The Light: In our opinion, the meaning of Noor is light but the reality only comes after research. Allah is Noor so when a person calls Him with this marvelous name, then his displayed and inner will glow with the light of Allah. Ya Nooru is beneficial for those who are in search of insight.

Prevent From Genie And Specter And For Noor e Iman:
If any Muslim recites Ya Noor as much as he can then he will have the nur e iman. If this word is recited on a place or house for 111 times, that place or house will prevent from all spiritual powers and no genie or sprite will come there. And do this process daily to safe your house from spiritual powers.

To Make Heart Definite: 
To make the heart definite recite Ya Nooru then the person itself feels that his heart is definite and exquisite so recite this for 256 times for whole life and it will only take your three minutes.

Process of Accessibility of Afflatus:
In order to access the afflatus then recites Ya Nooro 11000 times and time duration  to read is 1 year Another thing is that if someone wants that he can also see the unseen things then read Ya Nooru many times.

Protection From Universal Disaster:
According to a scholar, if a person recites this Verse during the black storm, heavy rain, solar eclipse or lunar eclipse, then he will safe from any kind of damage.

Process of Ya Nooru Amal:
A person who wants to become the scholar of Ya Nooru, then recite 6400 times. If you want countless blessings of Allah then read more than 4000 times for three or four years. Ya Noor wazifa is also beneficial to solve marriage problems and to get the light in heart and for the beauty on face.
Wazifa Surah Noor Benefits