Ya Wadud Wazifa Urdu Ya Wadoodo Benefits Ya Wadood Meaning For Husband And Wife Life

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Ya Wadud meaning - The Most Loving: Allah is Wadood because he puts love in the hearts of His creature then loves HIS creature. When Allah is kind with His creature then HIS creature loves Him more. Actually that’s not the love of creature, that’s the love of Allah. According to a quote, a person who loves calls Allah with this name (Ya Wadood) Allah blesses him with His blessings. There are many effects and benefits of Ya Wadud in urdu which you can see below these english paragraphs of Islamic wazaif.

The Wazifa For Allah Love:
Alhamdulillah we are Muslims and we all want that Allah forgive us and if we will recite Ya Wadudu for many times then in our heart, the love of Allah will born and the love for world will remove. A person in Ramadan month during itikaf recites Ya Wadudu for 41000 times for 10 days then Allah will kind on him and then the person must recite this sweet name Ya Wadoodo for 11000 times. Allah will bless this person with His unlimited blessings.
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Procedure To Attract Someone Towards You:
If a person wants to attract someone towards him then if he recites Ya Wadudu 12500 times for forty days then after the recitation of Allah name read again after three days and then repeat the process and then again give gap or we can say read after 3 days and then repeat the same process and recite Ya Wadud 1100 times then your wish will come true and the person will attract towards you and remember that this wazifa is only for jaez reasons. 

To Let The Wife Fall In Love With You:
A person who wants that his wife loves him and became his obedient then for 11 days recite Ya Wadoodo for 12500 times and on the 11th day after reciting Ya Wadud blew on a glass and give water to your wife to drink then the wish of that person will come true and his wife will love him from the core of her heart and will faithful with him. If you are a women a good wife and you want that your husband talk with you politely then you can also read this wazifa Ya Wadud for husband love.

Good Relations With Relatives:
If you want good relatives and to not hurt each other and became faithful with each others,  read Ya Wadud for 3125 times for 40 days and then make prayer dua for good and strong relations with your relatives. 

Procedure To Make A Naughty Animal Obedient:
If a person’s animal like horse, cow, goat, sheep or camel etc tease him and not listen to him then recite Ya Wadood for 2000 times on their meal and give the meal to eat, and give meal for 3 days. The wish will come true and the animal will not disturb the person again. 

Process of Ya Wadoodo Wazifa:
Ya Wadoodo is very famous for love, to become amil of Ya Wadud, then 40 days you will have to recite this word for 5120 times and repeat the procedure for 2 times then your all wishes related to love will come true.

Dua Ya Wadud Ki Fazilat: