My Favourite Hobby In Urdu Essay on My Hobby in English Mera Mashgala Pasandida Short And Easy

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Essay on My Hobby In Urdu and English In Easy Words 300 to 400: To utilize the free time people must have some hobbies like gardening, writing, ticket collection, collection of coins, painting, collection of pictures etc and my hobby is to collect the tickets. I collect different types of tickets and paste them in my album in my free time. And my free time passes very well. Collection of tickets is my hobby so i never try to buy many tickets from the market and fill my album. It’s against the rule of hobby to buy tickets. Its rule is to work hard for collection of every ticket. So i put out tickets from the letters and exchange from the others, this is time taking but also enjoyable.

I have a very beautiful album  and to paste the ticket of every country separate pages are give in it. I paste the tickets of different countries on these pages. Now I need to buy at least 2 another albums that I have many tickets to paste.The hobby to collect ticket is also very beneficial because It’s not only the good time pass but it also has some practical benefits. From the observation of tickets you came to know about the different personalities of different countries, their places, their cultivations, their Culture, imports and export, occupation etc. and you can also came to know about their government and people because the picture on the tickets helps you in this. And you can also come to know about the national day of different countries, national functions, conferences etc.
I also make some letter friends. Letter friend is not only my 2nd hobby but also helpful in my 1st hobby. So I get different tickets and I also exchange the tickets with my friends.

Due to the letter Friends and tickets, my knowledge expands about different countries and I have the knowledge about the other country’s weather, norms, functions etc more than my friends. I suggest others to adopt any hobby for their free time.

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