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Benefits of Ya Salamu meaning in English Ya Salam - "The Source of Piece" Allah is the source of peace and He gives safeness to His creature and He made everything of this world safeness. Human need 4 types of safeness, safeness of religion, safe of life, safeness of wealth and safeness of house and when anyone of it is in danger then Allah will help to them who call Him with this Name Ya Salamu. Some reciting benefits of Ya Salamo are as follows:

Physical Wealth: Ya Salam is very beneficial for the physical wealth so if a person recites Ya Salamu 1000 times daily after fajar prayer then he will stay healthy and he will not die breadless. 
The Treatment of Unconscious: The saying of a saint is that if a patient is unconscious then recites “Ya-Rehmano Ya-Salamo” for 300 times on the behead side of the patient, the patient will soon came in his senses. 
Acquisition of Knowledge Smoothly: To seek the knowledge, it’s necessary the sharpens of adoptability. If a person recites Ya Salamo for 1000 times after the fajar prayer and make this process as his/her daily routine then he/she can acquire knowledge smoothly and easily.
To Get Rid From Battles: That place or house where there are battles, recite Ya Salamu many times as you can, Allah will help you and you can get rid from battles. Another method is that recites Ya Salamo 131 times every day.

Protection of Life And Wealth: It’s another quality is that a person who recites Ya Salamo tasbeeh can protect his life, wealth, house and religion so recites 33 times after the magrib prayer daily.

Process (Amal) and Taweez of Ya-Salamo: A person who recites Ya Salamu at a fixed place for 3100 times in a day for 41 days then he will be the scholar amil of Ya Salam and can give it’s naqsh to Muslims for protection, knowledge, health and for many other problems.

 Ya Salamu Wazifa In Urdu:
Healing For Every Disease (Bimari Ki Dua):
Ya Salam is very powerful for the recovery from every disease, so if a person is sick then recite Bismillah at the start and then recite Ya Salamu for 3000 times on the medicines and then give medicines to the patient and do this process for 3 days. Another method is that sits at the bedside of the patient and recites “Ya-Salamo Ya-Allaho” as much as you can for three days.