Benefits Ya Khaliq Wazifa For Baby Boy Ya Khaliqu Meaning In Urdu Ya Khaliq

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Ya Khaliq Meaning In English - The Creator: Allah is the creator of this universe, when there is nothing there is Allah. HE creates earth and sky, hell and heaven, every little and big thing of this amazing world and what human creates or is creating is due to Allah. We can’t make anything from its beginning, we only polish or enhance their beauty because only Allah can create things from their beginning so Allah is the only creator of this world. A person who recites Ya Khaliq will have the qualities of a good person. The effects and benefits of Ya Khaliqu are given below:

Treatment of Athra: Wazifa For Pregnancy In English: To Become Mother/Father/Parents: If the pregnancy of a woman can’t survive for the whole time and she loses it then if she recites this word for 7000 times in a day after the esha prayer and also recites any Darood Sharif for 21 times before and 21 time after and blow on the glass of water and drink it, do this process for 7 days. Allah will bless her and her pregnancy will stay till end and she will bless by Allah with a baby. And also hang the taweez of Ya Khaliq in her neck and then remove the taveez after the child’s birth.

Sheeny of Heart (Dil): If anyone wants to follow the right path of Allah, if he recites Ya Khaliqu for 1100 times in morning and evening then he will attract towards to Allah and to pray Allah. He will do good deeds and beware of doing sins and he will gain success in his every work.

Process and Amal of Ya Khaliqo: To became the scholar (amil) of this beautiful name of Allah, then recites Ya Khaliqu for 12500 times in a day for 40 days, fix the time of reciting it and for 40 days recite it on the fix time and after that you will be the amil of Ya Khaliq and you can also give naqsh of Ya Khaliqu to others that their wishes also come true.

Quranic Verse Wazifa:
A person who recites this Ayat daily as much as he can will have all the benefits of Ya Khaliq and he will have patience and having the qualities of a good person.

Subsistence of Knowledge of Unseen: Wazifa To Find Lost Person: To know about the unseen, this Holy Quran Verse is very beneficial. So if you want to know about anything or a person who is lost and you can’t find it then recite this ayat for 5000 times in a day for 11 days. You will surely find out the person or the thing. The ayat is given below:
Ya Khaliqu Wazifa In Urdu:
artinya Ya Khaliq maksud, Fazilat Ya Khaliq Dua, for conceiving a baby boy wazifa for aulad

Subsistence of Having Good Boy Wazifa For Baby Boy In Urdu:  Those couple who have no kids, if they take fast on Thursday and recites Ya Khaliqu for 4386 times and also recites Darood Ibrahim 11 time before & after and recite Ya Khaliqu whole at the mid night between Thursday and Friday and then blow on the clean glass of water and both husband and wife drink it and then pray to Allah of having a good baby boy, then Allah will fulfill their wish and bless them with a good and beautiful baby.