Elaichi Benefits In Urdu Cardamom Sabz Elaichi Ke Faide Green Cardamom Tea For Health Cough And Skin

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Elaichi Benefits In Urdu: Green Cardamom is a common spice used in almost all Indian and Pakistani houses, it gives not only freshness, but naturally Cardamom is perfect for health no doubt it is incomparable spice. From centuries cardamom is outstanding gift for mankind on this planet. Cardamom leaves are long and its edges are sharp like blade. We can use it in tea and food and it can eliminate bad smell of mouth because if we place elaichi in the mouth we will feel fresh breath naturally because of enormous and tremendous health benefits of Cardamom.

  • After dinner use a mixture of fennel and cardamom to digest food.
  • Black cardamom eliminates bacteria and gum infections.
  • Comfort news for those who are disappointed that with the use of antibiotic spices and green cardamom breath smell will end.
  • Add it in your daily meals because it is extremely useful for your heart.
Sabz Badi Elaichi Picture