99 Names of Allah Benefits in Urdu Ya Muizzu Meaning Ya Muizz Wazifa Maksud Fazileti

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99 Names of Allah Benefits in Urdu Ya Muizz meaning - The Bestower of Honors: Allah is Muizzu means that all types of respect are in His hands. It’s the rule of world that they give respect to the people according to their levels, people gives respect to the people according to their level, position to make a difference. But the respect of world is due to Allah. It shows that the real honor giver is only Allah. A person who calls Him with this lovely Name Ya Muizzu, Allah gives honor to that person. Reciting benefits of Ya Muizzu and fazilat are as follows:

Daughter In Law Always Remain Dignify: A girl who is married in such a family who are big in number and disgrace her badly and her husband don’t take care of her then she should recite Ya Muizzu for 3125 times everyday for 40 days, Allah will help her and her in-laws will give her honor and respect.
Wazifa For Honor In English: If anyone want to have honor in his family or in the society and wants to have a high position in the society that no one can stand against his opinion and everyone give respect to him then for that recite Ya Muizzu 4100 times for forty one days and then recite it for 117 times for whole life time. Allah will help that person and he will have honor and respect in every aspect of society.
To Have Good Humanity: A person who recites or read Ya Muizzu for 100 times daily then he will have good humanity attitude. He will always choose the good society and he will respect others and don’t indulge himself in wrong things.
To Maintain The Honor During Journey: A person who recite Ya Muizz for 1000 times before going to journey and then also recite this Name during the journey then he will surely maintain his honor and came back safely. 
Process and Amal of Ya Muizzu Wazifa: In order to become the scholar of Ya Muizzu, then you will have to recite 14625 times Ya Muizz for 41 days. Then you can give its taweez to others for honor and respect and issue related to honor and respect.