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What is falnama in Islam? Falnama is known as fortune teller. We have many kind of fortune tellers available but at this time we will only post few Islamic fortune tellers. If you want to read all kind of fortune teller quiz then tell us about this because if lots of people will take interest about fortune tellers then we will publish more Qurani falnama books free for download here. 

Falnama Is For What Purpose:  If you are going to start any project or want to buy new property or car, if you want to marry or if you have plans to study abroad and if you want to know about your life, in other words if you have to make a decision about anything and you don't know what will happen so you can use this falnama.

Method For Viewing The Falnama: It is very simple, first of all do ablution then sit towards the Qibla and recite Surah Fatiha, close your eyes and think your question in your heart then place your finger in the below box and finally read the character on which you have placed your finger.


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