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Sagittarius Personality in Urdu Qualities: Sagittarius are happy and galloper and are similar to Gemini. The difference is that Gemini’s focus point is brain. There act like a puppet and don’t change their directions but Sagittarius changes their directions. Their brain is grammatic with their body and guides it. Sagittarius and Gemini both nervous systems are very sensitive but Gemini is more practical than Sagittarius. They use their brain to solve the problems. Sagittarius’s vision power is very strong so they work rashness. And then they don’t waste their time to give clarification. Sagittarius’s hastiness helps them a lot in business. Their decisions about business are always right but they can’t take right decision in their personal life.  Their biggest problem is that they engage their selves in many things. Every new and different thing attract them and they try them and got confuse themselves.

Sagittarius Star In Urdu Astrology
Sagittarius And Moon:
If you are born when moon is in Sagittarius star then you are utopian. And try to adopt that thing which is even not clear in your mind. Other than that you keep changing your residence, your hobbies and job also. You keep on changing your directions. Sagittarius wants to live freely, they don’t want any discipline in their life and they don’t want to lend their life according to others. Your genius is troubles. You are social and love to spend time with Friends. You like to know about others opinion. You give importance to others opinion as much that others give to your opinions. Your body and brain are restless. You make a plan to do something and want to do as earlier as possible and that is your mistake. You get hope from everything like kids and when your hope not comes true than you got shock. You don’t learn from your mistakes. You are very lucky and you have good relationship with officers and rulers.

Nature of Sagittarius Woman in urdu & English
The basic quality of there is to search the truth. They want to know in deep. They want to search the depth of anything like music, art, literature etc. They are very positive in nature, they stay positive in every situation, they want to observe he people and their activities and what they are doing? And why? They learn from practically implication of their work. They are very obedient in nature. They respect power and sovereignty and think that what they do is right. So they respect the rules and regulations and obey them. They also respect their elders and traditions also.

Sagittarius Relationship With Others:
How Sagittarius’s women married life with other men. Man of which star can be their best life partner. The details are as followings:

Sagittarius Woman And Leo Man in urdu:
If they get married then they spend happy life. Most of their thoughts and activities are same. But Leo men don’t like anyone against him, he don’t marry such a woman whose thoughts or ways are different from him.

Sagittarius Woman and Virgo Man:
Sagittarius women life style is very different with Virgo men so they can’t lead a happy married life. Their choices, activities are different so there are many chances that they fight.

Sagittarius Woman and Libra Man:
They can lead a good married life. Their nature is good and normal. They can be best partners because Sagittarius women are according to Libra man demand. They both want to live freely without any restrictions.

Sagittarius Woman and Scorpio Man:
If they got married then Sagittarius woman have to leave many activities for her husband. Scorpio men are very attractive for Sagittarius woman and they can’t deny from that. Scorpio man wants concentration and love of his wife.

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