Wazifa Ya Basito Benefits Urdu Meaning Ya Basitu Fazilat Ya Basit Ka Amal In English

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Ya Basito meaning in english- Allah is the only one who increases the blessings, kind and wealth and for this reason Allah is Basit, when He wants He enlarge the narrow things, and this thing only Allah can do. And it’s our duty that we must thanks to Allah. There is a quote that Basit is one who increases the wealth of people. People must thanks to ALLAH and obey HIM in the condition of increase in wealth. Avoid too much happiness and disobedience.

The Procedure To Increase The Wealth: 
A person who recites Ya Basito for 100 times in morning, Allah gives his so much that he will not spread his hands in front of any one. 

The Solution of Misbehavior of Husband:
Those woman whose husband misbehaves with her, then she must recite Ya Basitu for 7300 times on a glass & give this to her husband to drink it for 11 days then her husband will behave with her in a good way.
To Enhance Liberally:
If a person wants to enhance liberally then he recites Ya Basit for 72 times, then he will become liberal.
Process of Ya-Basito Dua:
Ya Basitu is beneficial to enhance the rizq, it is also used as a taweez for work in different situations. To give naqsh its procedure is that recite Ya Basito for 5 lack times in a day for 40 days. Then recite Ya Basito 12500 times everyday and also recite the Ayat-ul-Kursi and 4 Quls for 111 times before and after.

Beneficial Process of Enhancement In Rizq:
This verse is very beneficial for enhancement in wealth, recite this verse in Ramadan day or night 1100 times, your wish to enhance in money will come true, following is the verse:
Benefits Ya Basito Wazifa In Urdu: