Wazifa Ya Sami Benefits In Urdu Ya Samio Meaning Ya Sami Ud Dua Ya Samiu

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Ya Sami meaning in english: Ya Samiu - "The Hearer of All" Allah listen all of us all the time, He gives us ability of hearing and when He wants, He can take this ability from us and we can do nothing. A human can hear till his death but his soul can also hear after the death. We can hear because of our ears, if we don’t have ears then we can’t hear anything. But Allah can hear all of us and HE doesn’t need ears for that. Some benefits of  reciting Ya Samiu fazilat are listed below:

Acceptance of Every Fair Wish: If a person wants that his wish comes true, so for that he must recites Ya Samio for 9000 times in morning and 9000 times in the night for 11 days and then make pray on the 11thday. 
The Treatment of Pain in Ear: A person who has pain in his ear then if he will recite/wird Ya Samiu wazifa for 1000 times and then blow on the ear then the pain of the ear will decreases and he will feel relief from pain.
The Process To Prevent From Becoming Deaf: When the people become old they have issue in hearing and they become deaf slowly. So for that read Ya Samiu 11 times after every namaz/prayer and do this amal or process daily then he will not become deaf at any part of his life.
The Process To Fulfill Need:
 Is very beneficial to fulfill needs if someone has any need then if he gather some people at the Friday’s evening and then all the people recites this Ism for 18000 times and then pray to Allah for their wishes and needs.
Process To Know The Language of Animals: If a person recites Ya Samio so much as he can and then pray to Allah to give him such a power that he can also listen and understand the language of animals then Allah will give him power and he can easily listen and understand the language of animals.
Taweez of Ya Samio: A person who wants to give naqsh of Ya Sami to other people then for this he must recite Ya Samiu for 10,000 times daily for 40 days and then you can give taveez of Ya Sami of to others And its phyl works a lot.

Ya Samio Wazifa In Urdu:
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The Treatment of Piles In Islam: Sometime the medicines don’t work on this disease so for that recites Ya Samiu 12500 times on the medicine and then use it. You will recover very soon from this piles disease.