Bismillah Benefits In Urdu Bismillah Wazifa Bismillah Fazilat Barkat Faide In English Language

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Wazifa Bismillah Benefits In Urdu: To Obtain Success: To become winner or gain success and happiness in all the matters reciting Bismillah 99 times is very spectacular and effective process at morning prayer time. Write or make its photo and keep it on neat place, if you and your clothes are clean then you can also keep it in your purse soon you will experience success in your every purpose.

Blunt Mind: If the heart of your child does not want to study or he is not able to remember the lessons. Give Its water  to your child in neat glass and remember Its a 30 day process and after this he will give attention in his studies, school home work and will be active.

Heart's Desire And Other Matters: If someone have urge that his whole hurdles will over quickly then recite Bismillah with complete heart and focus.For acceptance of prayers recite it for 33 times and to remove headache keep it in your cap because no process is better than this and it is for permissible love also which is only for husband and wife and your dispute with mother-in-law will also finish.

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Loss In Business: If you are constantly getting deficit in your business or having financial trouble then follow this 14 day process, read It 786 times and your financial woes will eliminate.

Salvation From Hell: During walking or sitting if you are reciting complete Bismillah then you will obtain salvation from hell. Moreover your position and value will increase in creatures and everybody will honor you.
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Salvation From Epilepsy or Insanity: If someone have an attack of epilepsy or suffering from obsession then recite it in his ear after 90 days he will recover from epilepsy.

Remove Black Magic Spells: Wants to remove Talismans then recite it 786 times and drink the water of Bismillah it is also for deliverance from oppression.
Increase In Income: Sustenance is necessary for us because without meal and income our life is inconvenient and tough. Man can not live without these two things that is why for 6 months recite It for 30 minutes or for quick solution 12000 times at exact time and during this period do not tell anyone about this Bismillah ka wazifa.