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Importance Of Sleep Essay In English - Sleep To Become Beautiful- Sleep Benefits In English For Good Health: In the busy life of today people are becoming busier and busiest especially women work is increasing tremendously. Their life is so fast that they even can’t take comfort in sleep. After day’s work when they go for sleep, sleep even can’t come to them even after a great effort they can’t sleep. Some women take only 4- hrs sleep. So they have to face lack of sleep/ sleeplessness. Other than this working women remain busy in their professional life and think 8 hrs sleep is just wastage of time, they take only 2-4 hrs sleep and rest of the time they complete their office work. So, in first 4-5 hrs they complete their office work and then they sleep late at night. Such women say if they will face sleeplessness they can complete it by taking leaves from office and after that they again come back to their previous routine. For this purpose they take short leaves or leave at weekends and after that they continue their routine of late night work for months. In this way they face depression.

On the other hand the women who are busy in their daily chores when they go to sleep after doing all the daily chores they are so tired that even sleep not comes to them due to tiredness, so they face insomnia. Such women have dark circles around eyes and wrinkles on their skin, their hair look dry and dull. Experts’ advice for such ladies is that they must take nap along with sleep. So their sleeplessness can be minimized. Beauty experts say there are many benefits of sleep they even say sleep makes beautiful.

Why Is Sleep Important For Health
Sleep is the most important thing in life if one will not sleep on time his work will be affected, sleeplessness bears many mental diseases. Experts say good sleep bears good mental health. Man physically becomes strong and become punctual lack of sleep causes fatigue which effects afficeincy. Many momen think that what is the benefit of sleep? I can do a lot of work in that time but they don’t know that due to tiredness their work of half an hour will be completed in 2 hours because due to lack of sleep body becomes tired. Work is effected and diseases also effect the body. Women should understand that lack of sleep effects understanding and learning abilities.

With good sleep women look beautiful and attractive. A research is  published in British journal in which there are pictures of persons who take sleep of 8 hrs daily and some pictures of those who take sleep of less than 8 hrs. these pictures were shown to more than 65 persons and asked who is looking healthier and attractive. After looking at pictures the people who are called beautiful and attractive were those who take sleep of 8 hrs. it is true that repair of cells is done during sleep, after taking good sleep this work is completed under skin. Cells take fresh air and most of the repair is completed due to which most of the skin infections are automatically cured. Skin glows and face looks attractive and healthier.

Women know that lack of sleep causes dark circles which look very bad. Sleeplessness causes bag like swelling under eyes and face looks bad than beautiful, skin becomes loose and wrinkled and then to hide all these things makeup is used and regular use of makeup also have many adverse effects on skin. In this way list of problems due to lack of sleep becomes long. By taking 8 hrs sleep skin can be prevented from dark circles and wrinkles. Skin looks fresh and there is natural glow in skin because blood supply during sleep increases due to which eyes and face looks glowing, B.P becomes normal. It reduces mental tiredness. Acne is also reduced because harmful chemicals are also excreted especially at night due to which cells purify. There is less accumulation of harmful chemicals. So in this way it reduces pimples all these things show importance of sleep for health.

Sleep Benefits In Urdu Sleeping Beauty Tips Sonay Ke Faide Neend For Health