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Information About Almond Benefits In English For Skin - Why it is beneficial to use Almond daily: In between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner people mostly take some light food which is called snacks. It is seen that people mostly like to take such oily food which increases their weight though their appetite diminishes. Now it is told in one of the American research that you can eat almond in-spite of donuts and chips which will ot only reduce appetite but also ,make your weight proper. In Indiana Prude university researchers has proved that in the result of taking one ounce  salted dry and fried almonds daily; the participants of research, has reduced appetite. moreover vitamin E and HDL cholesterol increases.

Though there is fat in almonds but it has not increased their weight and according to my information 1.5 ounce almonds are equal to 43 grams and almost 30 almonds comes in it. Research was done based on 4 weeks whose aim was to know the effects of almonds on appetite. In this survey 137 young people were taken who has great risk of type-2 diabetes. Participants were divided in 5 groups one was control group which has avoided all types of nuts and dry fruits second group took 1.5 ounce almond in lunch  or breakfast, third group has taken  almond in morning and fourth in lunch, participants were not restricted and said to continue their routine work. In results it has seen though they were taking 250 calories in  the form of almonds but they had no taken calories altogether. The writer Dr Richard nutrition science professor of Prude university says it is seed in this research that for a good light breakfast almonds are good especially for those who are worried for their weight. The participants of survey which has taken additional calories in the form of almonds they had not left any need of more calories. they has also reported that their appetite is also decreased even the food after that they has taken is also decreased. it has also seen that it decreases the appetite of normal and obese people. The reason is almonds has non saturated fats, fiber and protein and these things produce effects on hunger. In a previous research it is found that it reduces the risk of liver cancer because it has vitamin E, which prevents from heart diseases and weak vision.

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