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7 WAYS TO REDUCE WAIST IN 7 DAYS: Quick Weight Loss Tips In English Easy Method: Obesity comes very easily due to lack of precautionary measures but to control or reduce it is very difficult task specially to bring your abdomen or waist to its original position. Women are very sensitive about their waists so they use new and new ways methods to reduce it. But if we consider the expert’s opinion in this regard then results will be very good. Here we are giving 7 ways of beauty experts which can give amazing results in 7 days that 1 inch of waist can be reduced.

1. Keep Your Seating Posture Proper
What is your weight your sitting posture can make your abdomen fatty. In the same way standing and working also effects your body. So keep your back erect while sitting. Keep in mind that your back should not bent while standing. Daily give few minutes to this exercise , fold your arms on your chest and twist them in such a position to one and other side that your back muscles also move.

2. Facial
Facial gives relaxation due to depression and mental stress fats accumulates so take a facial or beauty treatment once a week so you may have feeling of relaxation on your muscles and nerves.

3. Eat Fat Free Yogurt
In a recent research in America 3 big spoons of fat free yogurt was given daily to people who were on dieting. These people have reduced 22% weight as compared to those who were not taking yogurt and 61% of their body fat was dissolved. The reason is not found but it is amzing that their fat was reduced 81% as compared to non –eaters. What else be good than this so you must add fat free yogurt in your meal.

4.Eat salaries
Salary is vegetable which has almost no calories and is full of fiber; your digestion will be good and will also feel satiety. If there is slight hunger take less amount of salary drink more water but less salt. Your waist will be obviously reduced.

5. Eat chilies
If fat will not be reduced around your waist you will never look smart and slim. You must add some quantity of red chilies in your food. It will help you to reduce fat. Recent research of England has proved that addition of half spoon chilies in your food daily will help in reducing fat. It reduces desire for sweet and spicy food.

6. Take care of digestion
Good digestion is important for reducing fat. Your intestines are house of 2 types of bacteria, one is friendly and other is enemy. Friendly bacteria are helpful in digestion but enemy bacteria collects fats around your waist. So take good supplements and vitamins according to your doctor which will help in digestion.

7. Take exercise
Bending while sitting not only affects your back but persons also look obese. To reduce belly sit straight and raise your feet together and widen your arms in front then move in this position to both directions. This is a very good exercise for your back and will also reduce fat.

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