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Cold Water Benefits In English Cold Water Doctor Of Your SkinMost of the women when gets up their face look swelled and awkward, this type of face is called “puffy face” according to experts. Repair and destruction of new and old cells occurs during sleep. In this process pores of skin open because this process continues whole night so due to open pores face looks puffy. When women look at their puffy face they get worried that what has happened to their face in single night that they look so fatty? At night pores open so face looks puffy, but the question is what should be done to close these open pores and bring it to normal position? Experts say that a simple way is to wash your face with cold water. By splashing cold water on your face can bring your face to normal position. According to experts cold water is effective to close open pores.

Uses Of Cold Water Beauty Tips: To wash the face with cold water is very easy in summer but nothing is difficult than this in winter. But this is important to tell here that actresses do not stop washing their face with cold water to close the open pores. This is the reason that their face does not look puffy. In a magazine it was said that Hollywood actresses of A class use ice water to wash their face so their skin look tight not loose in camera.

Usually women wash their face with warm water to clean dust due to it pores open and dust and pollutants enter in open pores which is the cause of acne and other skin problems. This is the reason that cold water closes pores and prevents it from dust. Hot water produces wrinkles on face and it becomes dry. Moreover the women who complain that there is dust in their pores and it leaves black marks on face they must  wash their face with cold water this will reduce black spots on their skin and face.

Loose skin of females is a big problem, to get rid of it cold water is very affective. Due to it open pores closes and becomes nearer to one another so skin looks tight. If after washing face with warm water some splashes of cold water are applied it will give cold effects to eyes. Cold water works as anti wrinkle cream. It stops skin from loosening and face looks fresh and young. If there is habit of washing face with cold water then aging can also be prevented.

Experts say if makeup is done after washing face with cold water it remains for long time. It reduces sweat and skin do not becomes oily, but be careful do not clean your makeup with cold water it will fix makeup. To clean makeup apply some cleansing cream and clean it with tissue paper. If it is not done there will be acne. The best way to wash face with cold water is to wash face with warm water so pollutants can be removed from open pores then wash it with cold water to close the open pores and tighten the skin. In this way there will be micro circulation of face, main blood supply of the face will be increased and it will look fresh and beautiful.

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