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Fruit Guava Benefits In English: Eating Guavas Prevents Diseases: Guava is one of the fruits which are abundantly found in Pakistan in this season. Guava which is known as Amrood in Pakistan and India is a delicious fruit even parrots like it.

It Increases Immunity Of Human Body
Guava is one of the best sources of vitamin-C. It is said that it has four times more vitamin -c than orange medium sized guava can give us double vitamin-c of our daily need. this vitamin is considered important for our body because it increase our immunity and saves us from various types of infections. Guava has also anti-inflammatory qualities it stops the production of prostaglandin type of molecules which are found in auto-immune disease like joints pain.

It Prevents Risk of Cancer
Different types of Lycopenes,Quaristene, and different poly feneles type elements present in guava stops the growth of tumors in this way it reduces the risk of cancer. These elements work as anti-oxidants and make the free radicals effect-less. If these free radicals find a chance to grow then the chances of cancer cells increases. New researches tell us that guava is helpful in saving from cancer of Prostate, Breast, Colon, skin and lungs.

Helpful In Diabetes
In ancient Chinese way of treatment the benefits of guava are found in the treatment of Diabetes. In a survey published in American journal of Chinese Medicines it is said that in guava and its juice there is ability to lessen the blood sugar level in diabetic patients, it is also said in this survey that guavas not only helps in controlling diabetes but it also helps in prevention of it. Guava has ability like insulin. There is more fiber in it and less glyceamic index due to which it is considered as an ideal fruit for diabetics. Where Due to high amount of fiber blood sugar level remains moderate there is less gyceamic index which stops the sudden rise of blood sugar level. This fiber containing fruit helps to reduce constipation.

Saves Heart
In a survey of "Journal of human hypertension" it is said that with eating of guava the level of sodium and potassium becomes good in the result of this the BP of hypertensive patients becomes normal. Moreover it reduces triglyceroids and bad type of cholestrol, if these things increase diseases of heart takes birth. Guava betters the HDL level in blood.

Better Vision
Though in guava vitamin A is not present as it is carrots but this is very good source of this vitamin. Vitamin A not only keeps eyes good but it also helps in increasing vision. Deficiency of vitamin A is cause of night blindness. If eyes remains dry then there will be itching and burning. To increase vision and to prevent from diseases take guavas.

Food for Brain
Like fish and beans guava is also called a food for increasing brain efficiency. There is vitamin B3 and B6 which are also called Niacin and Pyridoxine. These are those nutrition which increases brain supply and muscles also becomes relax due to it.

Glowing Skin
Do you know that you can look younger than your real age by eating guavas because guava can make keep your skin fresh and glowing for long time. Free radicals found in body are harmful for skin due to which wrinkles become prominent. There is large amount of vitamin C ,A and Lycopene kerotene like anti oxidants which keeps skin from wrinkles and blemishes and your skin remains soft for long time.

Prevention From Flue And Coryza
In winter cough and flue increases, there is not only iron present in guava but also a large amount of vitamin C is also found in it. For it is said that it surely helps to prevent from viruses like flue and coryza the juice of raw guava or mixture of guava leaves is effective in coryza and flue because it expels mucus and prevents wind pipe, throat Sand lungs from infection.

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