Muraqaba Techniques In Urdu Muraqaba Ka Tarika Meditation In Islam In Urdu Benefits

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How To Do Meditation Method: Meditation Techniques In English: We go beyond the concept of success and failure that has taken root so now we have forgotten the true meaning of happiness and the joy of success and failure are understanding.This time not only the pursuit of happiness, we have taken our time and we can not use his own time, but for us the mental and physical stress is causing.Meditation is a great way to relieve the pressure.

Meditation Speech In English:
This is actually a branch of yoga called Dhyana in Hindi according to Hindu philosophy, Dhyana through the process by which branch of yoga is a journey that is called Samadhi. i.e Man's mind is the state of higher consciousness.In fact, the increased economic and social pressures of salvation that is the way we get harmony.To do this within our advanced consciousness has to be awakened. And this is the basic philosophy of meditation.

Sufi Meditation: The first step is to consider meditation. This person had to sit in silence and tranquility. Then close your eyes and think of a thing or event falls. With such a depth that arises in mind the image of the object or event. This is the simplest form of meditation. In this case, any thinking person can focus on.The events of the past in order to remember a particular case of a movie stored in your mind, or be fascinated by the natural world and think of the beautiful views of the image formed in mind.

This is the result of doing this is that the mind is organized. And it is not just the person obtained the mental comfort but they are in such a state that I could achieve anything. It sucks meditation our mind saved him from thinking towards important things and our everyday performance increases.

Concentration is the first time an exercise of the mind begins to wander from one to two minutes is up. If the relevant person or a gentle incline should concentrate minds. Or it should be stopped immediately. And later re-concentration should exercise.Gradually increase the duration of the concentration of the mind. And then over time the brain gets so accustomed to the concentration of the main conditions is coming. Considering that this is a sign of advanced consciousness has taken place.Now we have made on the mind of the person come on. In the beginning scene is vast. But as brain exercise increases are less than the limits of the scene. The scene is limited. This is a sign that the higher consciousness of the person who is going to finish the details. And is moving toward a certain point. The mind gets focused to a certain point.

Benefits of Meditation In English: It stops the mind from wandering around. It improves memory. Reduce stress and increase their knowledge of the guides. Focus on exercises to master the anxiety will not get anything except the failure. The need for greater consistency in. It is not possible to get immediate results.In that case, the person concerned should not sour not. A few days because of the consistency he can give very good results.

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