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Forests Essay In Urdu Benefits of Forests: Importance of forests in economic development and for the elimination of environmental pollution cannot be underestimated. In the opinion of economic experts, forests should cover at least one fourths of the total area of a country. Keeping in view this requirement Pakistan suffers from lack of forests.
Pakistan Forests Information: Moreover, the ratio of different areas in respect of forests is sharply variant. Some of the regions have sufficient forests while large areas are conspicuous by the absence of vegetation and green belts. For instance in mountainous regions where ratio of rainfall is high, forests are found in abundance but in desert lands no vegetation is visible.

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Advantages Of Forests: Availability of forests is imperative for the national life due to the reasons given below:
  1. Forests are the main source of providing fuel for  domestic use and woodwork in the public buildings. A large section of the population earn its livelihood through trade and commerce related, directly or indirectly, to the forests.
  2. Trees provide raw material for certain industries such as paper, rubber and furniture industry.
  3. Plantation of trees promote healthy environment as the trees purify air and minimize pollution. Trees also help in enhancing the ratio of rainfall in a particular area.
  4. Trees and bushes are important source of feeding the cattle and help in the nourishment of wildlife.
  5. Trees also perform the useful task of obstructing the intensity of windstorms thereby minimize damages.
  6. Leaves of trees serve the purpose of fertilizer and help indirectly in increasing agricultural output.
  7. Plantation on the road sides and canal banks obstruct the soil erosion and curtail inroads caused by floods. Moreover, these are in the nature of a beautiful gift of nature that provide beautiful landscape and sceneries.