Dengue Fever Symptoms In Urdu Essay Dengue Treatment Dengue Se Bachao

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Dengue fever: What Is Dengue fever? Its very dangerous and this is caused by virus which is known as dengue virus and it is transferred in human by biting of dengue mosquito. Specific mosquitoes cause this virus to spread these kinds of mosquitoes can bite human any time of the day and cause virus to enter in human body. Mostly this virus thrives in human body; however it can also grow in other bodies. If Dengue mosquito bite one time even that  can cause infection, which sometimes lead to Dengue fever. If a person is Dengue virus career and any female mosquito bit him for its requirements, that virus can also transfer in that mosquito. And then that female mosquito wills also known as Dengue virus career can easily transfer Dengue virus in any human body. This grows in human body for certain time and then it became Dengue fever.
Symptoms of Dengue fever: - Following are the symptoms of dengue fever.

1) Sudden high fever

2) Headache especially back side of eyes

3) Muscles and joint pain
4) Skin Rash
5) Too much weakness etc.
Steps to save from Dengue fever:-
It is very dangerous for human life. Safety precautions must be taken. As this virus is transfer in human body by biting of mosquito so we should avoid mosquito bite. We should do special arrangements of cleaning to stop the breeding of mosquitoes. We should cover over ventilator and windows with net so that mosquitoes could not enter in our homes. Sprinkle kerosene oil, lime stone and mosquito killer around your home. Gentlemen who sleep on the roofs of houses use mosquito nets while sleeping so that they avoid mosquito bites. Water for usage should be covered otherwise mosquitoes will start breeding in it. In addition, cover all the food and drinking items. Do special arrangements for cleaning. In the following symptoms, contact your doctor right away. In this field slightest laziness may risk your life. Areas where mosquitoes are most populated; try to cover your hands and feet in morning and evening because mosquitoes mostly bite these areas. By following these rules you can save your life from risks.

Treatment of Dengue fever:-
      There is no approved treatment for Dengue virus. After entering in our body virus attack white blood cells and harm them. This results in dangerously low level of Insulin. If not attended on time, it can cause dangerous. Many doctors use home remedies that are proven and effective. The papaya leaves juice or they give apple juice mixed with lemon juice to patients. These home remedies increase the WBCs in patients. By drinking Papaya juice we can save ourselves from Dengue fever.